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trailer tool boxTruck tool boxes are without a doubt some of the handiest add-ons for pickup truck owners. Having a protected, weatherproof storage space option for your equipment is usually priceless. Eliminated are the times of tearing up and dirtying your back again chairs, dropping equipment to theft or rust damage. These trailer tool box review for your truck are great, but there is a ton of options out there, so how do you choose? We’ve researched all of the best brands like Delta, Dee-Zee, UWS, WeatherGuard, Husky and JOBOX, so it’s safe to state we understand an issue or two about the device container versions offered. We’ve completed our analysis and blocked out all the different options to place jointly a directory of the best models available in 2018. We’ve set out a few categories for you to choose from and hopefully find the option for you and your rig.

how do you attach trailer tongue box to trailer

Best in Class: WeatherGuard Low Profile Container

Best of the list for the Greatest Vehicle Container for full-sized vehicles can be the 71-inches WeatherGuard low profile tool box. This container provides a great quantity of storage space while still maintaining a low profile, not impacting any visibility out of the rear windows of your truck. WeatherGuard really can be an industry leader in truck tool boxes for a reason. This container is definitely certainly a small even more on the costly aspect, but you are obtaining a high-quality device container for the cash. If you’re storing hundreds, probably hundreds of dollars of equipment in your container, you may simply because well spend in a tool box that is usually going to keep them safe and sound. Check out our full review of this truck toolbox.

Runner up: Husky Low Profile Box

While not really the same quality as the WeatherGuard container, the Husky Low Profile device container can be a well-built and protected device container, without the same cost label as the WeatherGuard container. Verify out our complete review of the Husky vehicle device package.

Best in Class: WeatherGuard

Important Features

– Solid, durable aluminum
– Tamper-resistant, retracting locks
– Weatherproof
– Removable tray
– Limited lifetime warranty

No shock right here that the device container for mid-sized vehicles is certainly also the WeatherGuard 66-inches low profile box. This is normally the greatest container for mid-sized vehicles for the same cause the full-size container is certainly. It’s built with the same industrial-grade solid light weight aluminum, secure locks and a low profile. This package will arranged you back a few dollars more than another package, but you’re getting the quality and security of knowing your tools are not going anywhere. You can verify out what most people believe all over different community forums of their WeatherGuards to understand that these containers are for true. If you’re still not really persuaded this is normally the greatest device container for mid-sized vehicles, examine out the full review of this package.

Runner Up: UWS

The UWS 63-in . low profile tool box is our runner up for mid-sized tool box. Again, the quality doesn’t rival that of WeatherGuard, but for a more affordable package, it is definitely built well and will keep your tools safe and secure. As well as, its produced in the United states. Verify out our complete review of the UWS crossover container right here.

Upper body Design

Ideal in Course: WeatherGuard

Essential Features

– Dense, tough metal
– Tamper-resistant, retracting hair
– Weatherproof
– Detachable holder
– Make use of with tonneau cover or canopy
– Limited life time guarantee

You’re most likely realizing a tendency by right now, and it’s no shock the greatest package in an upper body design is also WeatherGuard. We cautioned you earlier that this wouldn’t be a competition. WeatherGuard chest boxes are solid and secure, fully weatherproof and keep your gear clean, dry and locked up tight. They also manufacture a chest box for full-sized trucks and mid-sized trucks which can be great. Upper body containers are also great since you can make use of them with tonneau addresses or canopies. Make sure you examine out our complete review content of the WeatherGuard Upper body device package.The Dee Zee chest tool box is an awesome alternative to the more expensive WeatherGuard if you’re trying to stay within a tighter budget. The light weight aluminum is not as heavy, the locks aren’t as secure, but it will still certainly do the job. Dee Zee also makes a full-sized and mid-sized chest tool box. Have a look at the full review of these Dee Zee tool boxes before committing to a decision.

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Best in Class: WeatherGuard

Key Features

– Heavy, durable light weight aluminum
– Tamper-resistant, retracting hair
– Weatherproof
– Easy gain access to, extra storage space
– Limited life time guarantee

Side-mounted containers are amazing alternatives to crossover or upper body containers since you can gain access to your equipment from the part of your automobile without needing to strain or stretch, or to get into the back of your truck. They’re also great for adding storage to a truck with a crossover box already installed. For side-mounted boxes, the best box is definitely once again WeatherGuard. You simply can’t defeat the quality of these containers. The weatherproofing can be as well great, the hair are that protected, the lightweight aluminum the thickest in the market. You can possess an appearance at our complete review of this package.

Athlete up: UWS UWS makes its return to our best tool box list with their side-mounted tool box. For a more affordable box, UWS still boasts impressive quality in its aluminum, welds and locks.

Honourable Mention: DECKED

Key Features:

– Heavy-duty HDPE & steel construction
– Easy assembly and removal
– Weatherproof, lockable compartments
– Full-size vehicles just
– 3-season limited guarantee

The DECKED storage space program is definitely an extremely exclusive option to the bed storage space issue. It’s not really formally a vehicle device box, but is usually such a great system deserved a spot in our list of the best tool boxes. The DECKED is usually custom fit to mount directly into your bed, with drawers mounted into the system that can lock up keeping your gear safe. You can haul up to 2500 lbs on top of the DECKED, so it does not decrease very much flexibility of your bed. The DECKED program is definitely great for fisherman, sportsman, motorcyclists, skiers and so many more.

Did this set of the Best Truck Tool Box of 2018 help you choose a package for your truck? Do you own personal one of these containers currently? Allow us understand your queries and problems below, we appreciate hearing from our visitors!

Vehicle tool boxes are an incredibly useful addition to your truck. Leaving your tools in the back seat can damage your truck’s interior, and makes it hard when carrying co-workers or family members associates. But, departing your equipment in the bed of your vehicle isn’t much better. In the back of your pickup truck, your tools are revealed to the elements obtaining corrosion and drinking water harm, or still left susceptible to thievery. Vehicle device containers may appear costly at initial, but taking into consideration the expense of changing thieved or broken equipment, it is normally a rewarding expenditure. A well selected and cared-for pickup truck tool package can last a lifetime, and reduce the headache of tool storage and corporation. There are actually quite a few choices of vehicle device containers obtainable and options to make. Size, design, materials and cost are only a few of the choices you will require to consider. We cover them all in this guidebook, and by the eliminate of it you should possess a complete understanding of pickup truck device containers and become capable to make the correct choice for you and your pickup truck.

Primary Advantages of a Pickup truck Device Box

Chances are, your work truck doesn’t have a canopy or a designated and covered storage space for your tools. Whether you’re a part-time handyman or work in a trade, your tools are valuable possessions and possibly your livelihood. Using a truck tool box keeps your tools safe from theft using secure locks. Many thieves will turn away and find a new target and won’t bother trying to break in or even try to take the whole thing. Nearly every solitary pickup truck device package features a plastic or polyurethane foam climate seal off that will prevent dampness and dirt from getting into the package keeping your equipment dried out and rust-free, and free of charge of dust and other residue. They are also a great way to keep your equipment arranged with many offering customizable inner shelving. Also, who said you can just maintain equipment in your container? Vehicle device containers are a great protected method to shop food, jumper wires and various other crisis products, and also camping equipment like your camping tent and camp oven. Vehicle device containers are a versatile addition to your rig that will have you thinking how you ever lived without it.

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Obviously just keeping your tools in a box in the bed of your vehicle does not make them even more protected. Getting the sufferer of thievery does not simply price you cash. Stolen equipment price you useless period, hard work and tension in purchase to substitute the taken tool, and the hassle of not having it until you can change it. Pickup truck tool boxes are essentially sturdy, thick-walled metallic safes, keeping your preferred tools secure while you’re not around. A crowbar doesn’t create enough pressure to get in, and these tool boxes are so large and uncomfortable to remove and bring away that a robber just won’t bother. Let only the truth that most are mounted to your pickup truck through the ground of the package that you can only access from unlocking it. Most boxes feature rotary latch mechanisms. Mainly because very long as the tool package closes securely and the lid sits clean with the body (most do) it is definitely hard for a crowbar to get in and create any control. Vehicle device containers defend you from nearly everything except probably an incredibly competent locking mechanism picker or a slicing flashlight. Nevertheless, both of these methods would need a great deal of period and produce noise, and many thieves won’t bother or have the know-how so you can rest easy knowing your tools are safe and sound.


Truck tool boxes are typically manufactured from three main materials: aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Each of these materials has their own unique benefits and drawbacks.

The vast majority of pickup truck bed device containers are produced from curved bed sheet aluminum with a diamond plate pattern. Diamond p late aluminum is certainly tough, non-slip and affordable. It also looks great in the back of your rig as an added bonus. Aluminum metal is definitely lightweight and actually has a higher strength to fat proportion than metal and therefore is definitely extremely appealing for a vehicle bed device container, adding protection and strength without needless pounds. Lightweight aluminum will not really corrosion and will not really deteriorate over time so you won’t have to worry about replacing your tool box due to rust harm.

Metal can be a much less common materials utilized for vehicle device containers than metal. It is certainly very much heavier than metal, which comes with it’s own set of pros and negatives. Although you’re constantly carrying around even more pounds in your vehicle, a metal device container is certainly harder than lightweight aluminum and will stand up to any harm from moving equipment or giving up something on it. They are typically protected in a natural powder covered surface finish to secure the metal from corrosion – but any kind of scrape in the coat will bargain the protecting coating and leave your box susceptible to rust and corrosion.  Stainless steel is usually also less common than aluminium as a material for truck bed tool boxes, but for different reasons than steel. Stainless steel device containers combine the strength and rig /> They don’t require the powder covering that steel does, and while impressively corrosion resistant, it can still be susceptible, specifically in extremely corrosive conditions such as seaside areas, areas with a lot of de-icing salts or work sites with a lot of chemical substance salts. It would simply need a little of maintenance if you it grows any corrosion. Simply something to keep in mind!

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A pickup truck bed device upper body sit ideal in the bed of your pickup truck, on the ground instead of being mounted on the bed side rails. They are flexible, and typically have got a bigger capability than crossover containers, but have got disadvantages simply because well. Because they perform not really install on the bed side rails, upper body design vehicle device containers are an appealing choice to end up being utilized in mixture with tonneau addresses, and vehicle canopies which require to end up being installed on the bed side rails.
However, because they sit directly on the floor, you are essentially reducing the length of the truck bed. Long-box trucks probably won’t be phased, but you may be reducing your ability to transfer certain supplies.

Other Tool Boxes:

Down-size trucks include smaller pickups and m /> When looking at different models, you’ll notice that truck tool boxes have got many measurements, one for the longer best that rests on the bed track, one particular for the body of the container that is situated in your vehicle bed, one for the depth, and one for the elevation of the container. Some containers may also end up being asymmetrical and may consist of even more measurements. In general, you wish to concentrate on the girth, depth and elevation of the device container, and after that pick a pickup truck bed tool boxes whose measurements most closely match your pickup truck bed, although some boxes will become tailor produced to a specific model for a custom made suit. Autoanything provides a great device on their internet site that enables you to source your make and model as a filter when searching for a tool package. Buying from additional sites like Amazon will require you to know your measurements. crossover device container supports quickly to your bed railroad with a basic J-bolt, a cleaner and a nut. The J-bolt gets to up through the bottom level of the device container flooring, and hooks underneath your bed railroad. It after that simply will take a few quick works with a ratchet to safely secure the container straight down. Some toolboxes may need minimal drilling into the inside of the bed track to end up being safely fixed. Today some of you are most likely wincing at the idea, therefore if you are searching for a much better method, and J-bolts won’t cut it for your setup, try something like the Better Built Hold Rites.

Budgeting a Pickup truck Bed Tool Package

Price is certainly probably the most important element to consider when buying something like a pickup truck tool package. Thankfully, these tool boxes possess a wide variety of prices obtainable for any budget. It also depends what you will become using it for, and how often. For some, the uncovered least container will perform. If you’re after a simple uncovered least container, appearance for an metal, one cover and swagger device container. For others, the equipment they require kept and structured may need an even more costly and higher quality device package. It all depends upon your uses. Metal Metal device containers typically are constructed with the highest quality components, and climate closes and will provide better protection for your tools, however there are some very nice higher end aluminum models available too. Another think to consider is what tools you will be storing in your tool box. Then you can decide whether or not the price of the tool package – the cost to shield your equipment and equipment – can be even more than the worth of everything inside. Whatever device package you select, you actually can’t proceed incorrect.

Pickup truck Device Package Brands We Suggest

There are a quantity of brands that make pickup truck tool boxes. Having this much choice is certainly great since you have got therefore many choices to select from. Nevertheless, it can end up being hard understanding which brand to purchase from. You can verify out our specific testimonials of each of these reliable brand to find the best one for you. And make sure to check out our list of the best truck bed tool boxes of 2020.

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