3 Things You Should Know About Shotgun Accessories

Stevens 320 AccessoriesThe Stevens 320 shotgun is one of the most popular shotguns in the country. For the average hunter, this is exactly what you need to carry around with you.

As you can see, these are the basic components for a shotgun. Now, that doesn’t mean you should be using an old, beaten up savage 320 accessories. It’s a long way down the road until you’re ready to upgrade.

As with all guns, shotguns will have different features to them depending on their make and the type of game you hunt. There are many, many different types of shells that come with them. This is the reason you need accessories to take advantage of them.

Different shotguns come with various size, weight, and caliber. You’ll also find differences in the trigger controls and other options.

As with all firearms, the maintenance for any of them is important and that includes basic gunsmithing repairs. If you don’t do them now, you’ll be out of ammo before you know it and you don’t want to be out of ammunition as you are trying to make a living.

Any type of gun can be stripped or even rebuilt when it gets shot out of the barrel or multiple components. This is something that you’ll want to remember if you don’t want to run out of your own money first.

Getting shell holders for your gun will prevent you from being without ammunition as you are hunting. In addition, you can use these shell holders for a variety of other guns too.

A magazine for your gun is available in a number of different types. Just like all things, you get what you pay for when you are shopping for a magazine for your gun. Find one that offers you the right amount of reloads for your gun and that has enough in them to cover all your needs.

Another good place to look for accessories is online. These are usually easier to search for since they usually have a larger selection than stores that do most of their inventory. Online stores also tend to be less expensive than brick and mortar stores.

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You can also look for an array of accessories at your local gun store. You’ll need to look around for different models and then decide which one you prefer. They will most likely carry a complete line of shotguns, as well as different accessories and hunting equipment.

You should also look for a few common sights for your gun. These sights can come in the form of several different shapes and sizes. You can also look for target sights for them as well.

Even though you might not find the shotgun of your dreams out there, you can still make your hunting experience as enjoyable as possible with a shotgun. So make sure you take some time to look at all the options and make the right decision for your needs.

The 4 Greatest Stevens 320 Accessories – Savage Shotgun Reviews 2020

320 is a budget-friendly shotgun that comes in a wide variety of different configurations, including home defense, field grade, and tactical. While the Stevens is popular due to its price, it can be difficult to find quality accessories for. You have to be careful when purchasing accessories for the Stevens 320 or really any 12 gauge shotgun. The rough recoil can do some serious damage to cheaply made, poor accessories. You want to purchase quality items, rock-solid gear that won’t move, shift, or simply fall off. Always look for gear that is constructed for a shotgun, particularly designed for the mighty 12 gauge.

Listed below are our suggestions for the 4 best Stevens 320 add-ons out there.

Condor TSRS Shotshell Strip

  • Condor Shotshell Reload Strip Dark

If you are searching for a simple solution to carry some extra ammunition on your own Stevens 320 you are in good fortune. The most famous option for keeping ammo on a weapon can be a part saddle. The medial side saddle positions ammunition near your breach and chambers, which makes it easily to quickly reload your weapon. The Stevens 320 doesn’t possess a devoted option open to it, that is largely because of the fact the shotgun is quite fresh. The Condor TSRS is made to be utilized with any shotgun and can be easily detachable.

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The TSRS mounts via velcro to the receiver of your weapon. This helps it be uncomplicated to connect and detach at a second’s see. The TSRS is manufactured completely from hardened nylon, and adaptable, and light-weight material that may last just about permanently. This nylon materials stretches to support the 12 gauge rounds and may keep 6 rounds. The Condor business includes a solid reputation, which shotgun cards is well developed and created for shotguns just like the Stevens 320.

The Condor Nylon TSRS keeps an edge over a normal plastic material or polymer shotshell part saddle. To commence with, it really is cheaper, and simply as durable. Following, everyday operate empty privately saddle you can draw it off the receiver and toss on another shotgun card. Having multiple of these items offers users the option to swap side saddles and to easily carry extra ammunition for their shotgun.

Stevens 320 Sling


If you are looking to carry more than six rounds on your shotgun, and don’t mind making it a bit heavier, then this sling is for you. The Stevens 320 sling allows the user to carry 25 12 gauge shotgun shells. That’s 5 total reloads for your Steven’s shotgun.

These many shotgun shells is going to be quite heavy, but because the loops run the length of the sling it is well balanced. This sling in my opinion is better suited for home defense, and roles where the shooter isn’t moving long ranges or need their weapon to be light and carry friendly. For example, a bird hunter may feel weighed down by this sling.

Since the Stevens 320 is mainly designed for tactical use, it’s not really an issue. This sling is cut and measured for the Stevens 320 shotgun, which keeps it from being baggy and ill fitting. The sling itself is made in the United States, and is made from nylon and uses metal clips to attach to the weapon. The sling is quite thick, and helps displace and distribute the weapon and ammos weight across the body. The sling is two ins wide and created to last.

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The nylon shotgun shell loops keeps the ammo wonderful and limited, and will keep the shells from shaking out and falling out in clumps. The loops are stippled with rubber gripping strips, which wthhold the shells brilliantly. It suits flawlessly with the pump shotgun and slings are important accessories for me, and at the purchase price it’s hard to defeat. Slings aren’t glamorous but that doesn’t suggest they aren’t one of the better Stevens 320 add-ons.

Streamlight TLR 1

  • Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL Weapon Mount Tactical Torch Light 800 Lumens with Strobe

The Streamlight TLR 1 can be an extremely top quality flashlight designed particularly for firearms. The TLR 1 will need a Picatinny rail mount of some sort (just like the mount we’ve demonstrated above), but it’s mostly of the lights I would recommend for a shotgun. For the reason that is a 12-gauge shotgun, just like the Stevens 320, can be incredibly effective. This power becomes recoil and can simply damage and ruin a weaker torch. The Streamlight will hold together round after round, without missing a beat.

The Streamlight TLR 1 (see full specs) is specifically designed to use a short section of rail, just like the mount I mentioned earlier. Some may point out that the TLR 1 is usually a handgun light, and to a degree they are right. Rifle lights are typically more powerful and offer longer range lighting solutions. Since the Stevens 320 is usually a short range weapon, the Streamlight TLR 1 is perfect. It’s very light and maintains the shotgun pointable and easy to move.

The Streamlight TLR 1 offers a blinding 630 lumens, enough to stun a target and kill their night vision. The light can be attached and demounted with a single hand, and you never have to reach past the barrel of the shotgun. The lenses are shock mounted to prevent any damage happening due to the recoil, and the light itself will last for a decade or more. Hands down, it’s one of the best Stevens 320 components. Just browse the vid beneath; the light’s installed on a Remington 870, but it’s virtually a similar thing on your own Savage.

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